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  • HYBRID Emergency Response Guide

    HYBRID Emergency Response Guide

    This technical information regarding Acura HYBRID vehicles is available for use by fire service, law enforcement, emergency medical and professional towing personnel.

    Based on discussions with rescue professionals, Honda recommends that emergency response personnel follow standard procedures developed by their own organization for assessing situations and dealing with potential hazards. Given our knowledge of the Acura HYBRIDS, we also recommend the procedures suggested in the PDF files below.

    Download 2013 ILX Hybrid ERG
    Download 2014-2020 RLX Hybrid ERG
    Download 2017-2020 MDX Hybrid ERG
    Download 2017-2021 NSX ERG

  • Child Safety Booklet

    Child Safety Booklet

    Over the years, Honda and Acura have built numerous safety features and systems into their vehicles. Among them are seat belts and airbags, which have proven very effective in restraining adult passengers and reducing their risk of injury in a collision.

    Download Child Safety Booklet

  • SRS Systems Booklet

    SRS Systems Booklet

    This brochure was prepared to answer your questions about airbags and other safety equipment in your car. Please take a few moments to read it, because we believe that the more you know about how your safety equipment works, the safer you and your passengers will be.

    Download SRS Systems Booklet