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Genuine Acura Parts

Genuine Acura OEM auto parts, filters, brakes & more.

They maintain the quality, reliability and performance of your vehicle. These attributes have come to define Acura vehicles, and are also reflected in the parts from which they are built.

Quality Acura's best quality.

The core of Acura quality exists in every part of your vehicle. Genuine Acura Parts are manufactured to strict quality standards for an exact fit and precise operation. When you choose Genuine Acura Parts, you can count on the highest quality standards imposed by Acura engineers.

Reliability Rely on your Acura

Only Genuine Acura Parts are supported by Acura nationwide. Each part works in conjunction with others to produce a single output. Many non-genuine parts may claim to be reliable, but they are not produced to meet Acura's engineering and material specifications. Compromise one part and you may unknowingly compromise a whole system.

Performance Don't compromise performance

By choosing Genuine Acura Parts, you won't compromise your vehicle's performance and safety. Each Genuine Acura part is precisely designed and rigorously tested at Acura’s R&D facilities. This process helps ensure that each part will function at its optimum performance level while providing the durability and reliability that you expect from your Acura.