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AcuraLinkTM - 2019-2021 RDX & 2021 TLX & 2022 MDX

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Beyond being simply connected, AcuraLink™ seamlessly brings you the information and assistance you demand. With the latest generation TLX & RDX & MDX models, you’ll get even more of what you want with new and innovative features that push the boundaries of what’s possible.

To enroll for your complimentary trial, download the AcuraLink app or press the LINK button inside your vehicle to speak with a live agent.

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Take everything with you, except worry.

With security features like Automatic Collision Notification, Emergency Call, and Enhanced Roadside Assistance, get peace of mind at the touch of a button. In the event of an accident, our highly-trained Response Agents automatically check-in and assist with towing, repair, and emergency services until help arrives, even if passengers are unable to respond.

A step up before you step in.

The Remote Engine Start will warm the engine and set the cabin to your ideal temperature. On cold days, defrost will clear your windshield, while the seat heaters ensure a warm welcome.

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Unlock the future.

With Remote Door Lock/Unlock, control your vehicle from almost anywhere. The keyless entry ensures you’ll never forget to lock up or be locked out.

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Your search is over.

Once you discover your Acura, you won’t want to waste another second finding it again. With Find My Car, easily pinpoint your vehicle’s location from almost anywhere.

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It’s good to have boundaries.

Power and prestige is enough to make anyone envious, don’t let your new Acura fall into the wrong hands. With Vehicle Monitoring Alerts, get notified when your vehicle leaves a designated area or exceeds a certain speed.

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Guiding the way, in a way you won’t expect.

Why should your AcuraLink™ experience end before your trip does? With Last Mile, get walking directions from where you’ve parked to your final destination.

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Enjoy the best AcuraLink™ has to offer, on us. Each Latest Generation TLX & RDX & MDX comes with a 90-day trial of both our Concierge and Remote packages, while your Security package trial is active for the first 4 years. See below for a detailed layout of what each package includes, and post-trial pricing.

AcuraLink Package Information

Security (4 year trial)

Auto Collision Notification (ACN)

In the event of an accident, a Response Agent automatically checks-in, and helps send emergency care, even when passengers aren’t able to respond.

Enhanced Roadside Assistance

Get live, responsive help with towing and repair services at the touch of a button.

Emergency Call

In case of emergency, our trained agents are ready to deliver priority care – assisting with emergency services and staying on until help arrives.

Personal Data Wipe

Easily and remotely reset your navigation system back to its factory state.

Remote (90 day trial)

Remote Start

Enjoy the luxury of stepping into a comfortable vehicle with automatically adjusted climate control.

Security Alarm Alert

Receive real-time alerts the instant your vehicle alarm is triggered.

Stolen Vehicle Locator Service

Recover your stolen vehicle faster. The system uses sophisticated technology to assist the authorities with finding your Acura.

Remote Lock and Unlock

Whether you’re locked out or forgot to lock up, count on quick, keyless entry and remote assurance from almost anywhere.

Speed Alert

Receive a notification when the vehicle exceeds the speed limit you specified.

Find My Car

Easily pinpoint your car’s exact location from almost anywhere.

Geofence Alert

Get notified when your car enters or leaves a designated region.

Last Mile

Once you’ve parked, get walking directions from your current location to your final destination.

Concierge (90 day trial)

Personal Concierge

Enjoy VIP treatment from a knowledgeable specialist who’s in tune with your needs when planning a last-minute trip, booking hotel or fine dining reservations, or finding special events near you.


Security Only*................................................$99

Security & Remote*.........................................$228

Remote Only*...............................................$129

Remote & Concierge Only**............................$260

Security, Remote & Concierge*....................$359

*Yearly rates. **Concierge always requires Remote package.

To subscribe:
Download the AcuraLink app or press the LINK button inside your Acura to speak with a live agent.
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