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Available to all new models with navigation, the AcuraLink™** connectivity system offers an unprecedented combination of technology and convenience. Using both embedded two-way communications and web-enabled devices, AcuraLink™ curates a truly digital experience with your Acura.

A software update will be available in January 2022 to support the 3G network decommission and upgrade to VoLTE. It will allow your AcuraLink services to operate in United States at the time the 3G services shut off. Without a software update, your AcuraLink services will stop working. You can enable this update directly from your vehicle. It must be completed by February of 2022 to continue your services without interruption in United States.

For more information, please visit Acura.ca/owners/acuralink If you’ve already performed the update, congratulations. Your services will continue uninterrupted in United States.

At some point in the future, we expect the same 3G network to decommission in Canada, we strongly encourage you to perform the OTA at your earliest convenience to ensure continue use of your AcuraLink services.

To review the AcuraLink services which will be impacted, please visit the AcuraLink Tiers page.

The Perfect Pairing

The AcuraLink™ app seamlessly connects you to your vehicle through an intuitive design. Unlock your doors, check your vehicle’s status, find your car, schedule a service appointment and much more, right from your compatible iPhone or Android device.

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Live Concierge Support, 24-7

For the most demanding drivers, AcuraLink™ offers the most personal feature of all – access to live concierge agents at the touch of a button, night and day.

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**AcuraLink is available on select 2014 and later models with embedded Navigation or above. Subscription required. One year complimentary subscription to AcuraLink Standard, AcuraLink Connect, and AcuraLink Premium included, after which fees, taxes and other charges will apply in order to continue subscription. Ask yourdealer for full terms and conditions.

Thank you for being a AcuraLink customer. We appreciate your support. As technology changes, we continue to evolve our products and services. Beginning November 2019, Acura will discontinue the AcuraLink Navigation and AcuraLink Streams apps. These apps will no longer be available for download, and there will be no further app updates. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. If you have any questions, please contact AcuraLink Customer Support at 1-855-888-5465 Monday – Friday, 8.00 am to 8.00 pm EST Time.

Intelligent Assistance

AcuraLink™ Assist puts help at your fingertips—in your vehicle or on your smartphone—whether you need roadside assistance or help scheduling service. In emergency situations, AcuraLink™ can automatically report your vehicle’s location and condition so agents can dispatch emergency personnel.

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