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Excess Wear And Tear? No Worries.
Leasing an Acura should be a worry-free vehicle ownership experience. The added protection of Lease-Guard allows you to fully enjoy the exhilarating driving experience of your new vehicle.

Chargeable items such as simple stains, chips, dents and dings are waived when you’re protected by Lease-Guard.

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Lease-Guard includes:
•    Up to $7,500 of coverage when your vehicle is turned in.
•    Automatic claim submission at lease turn-in any time prior to lease maturity or within 1 year following the original scheduled lease
      termination date.
•    Covers wear and tear charges up to $1,000 per single event.
•    Coverage is available on all new Acura vehicles.
•    Maximum 60-month term plan.
Please see contract for list of included benefits.

Exclusions of Lease-Guard:
•    Wear and tear charges above the single item limit.
•    Repairs done prior the contract termination.
•    Alteration charges.
•    Excess kilometer charges.
•    Outstanding monthly lease payments.

MSRP $ 1188 
Price quoted are in effect since February 2019. Subject to change without notice.

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